Floating Wigeon Feather platter


30cm x 30cm x 3.5cm

Decorated with a single floating wigeon feather from my drypoint print, this bevelled ceramic platter makes a graceful table centrepiece or shelf decoration.

The delicately simple mono design of this square display dish makes for a beautiful ornament, or an elegant tray for nibbles or loose ends.

A wispy grey widgeon feather is set on a white background as if floating, framed by the shallow angle, wide bevel edge. The lovely display platter has a smooth glaze that catches the light and adds to its elegant presence.

Place this decorative dish on a side table or windowsill to add a dash of delicate charm to a room, or pair it with my other white ceramics to create a peaceful theme.

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Additional Info

Pack size 37cm x 36cm x 65cm

Pack weight 1.8kg